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It’s common for patients to feel dental anxiety or uneasiness before

or during their dental appointments.

Dr Meytal has a great deal of experience in managing patients that may be anxious about seeing a dentist, or experience dental phobias. Dr Meytal holds a bachelor degree in Psychology, along with her doctor of dental surgery degree. 


We are very aware at the clinic that not everyone is the same, and each patient reacts differently or fears different aspects of dentistry. It is our aim to find out exactly what you are concerned about and then use the appropriate techniques to help eliminate these fears.


 Please inform the staff as soon as you book the appointment, Dr Meytal will set extra time for our initial consultation. We will discuss your dental anxiety, and answer any questions you may have, please feel free to ask as many as you like. Together we will try to understand what techniques Dr Meytal can use to make you feel as stress-free as possible.

We Want You To Feel Comfortable

I find that many patients are more comfortable during a procedure when we explain every step in detail as we move along. Patients often say that their fears were worse than the actual procedure and that if they’d only known what to expect they would have been less anxious. Bringing headphones with relaxing music can also be very helpful. Dr Meytal always uses numbing gel prior to local anesthesia to minimize pain along with special breathing exercises. We understand that everyone’s pain threshold is different, Dr Meytal makes frequent stops during the procedure, she will not want to proceed unless you’re comfortable. Together we will discuss a special hand gesture signal for you to stop us at any time during treatment.

We can also discuss the use of anti-anxiety medication which helps reduce dental anxiety during the appointment. These often have to be taken an hour prior to the appointment.

Advanced, Gentle Dentistry

Our office has a warm comfortable atmosphere with friendly staff for your comfort and care.

  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access

  • Relaxing Lounge Area

  • Soothing relaxation music to help create tranquillity

  • Extra comfort and support with our neck and back pillows

  • A fresh assortment of teas, or coffee.

  • Anti-anxiety medication before treatment

  • Painless injections

We want you to have a comfortable experience and leave with a healthy mouth with a great smile. If you are someone who is suffering from dental phobia, let us help you to overcome your anxieties. 

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