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Grinding or clenching your teeth? Do I need a night guard?

NightGuards - Tel Aviv Dentist - Dr. Meytal Salman

Many people clench and/or grind their teeth while they sleep.  Some do it every single night, and others do it only in times of significant stress.  It is simply a way for your mind to deal with stressful situations while your body is at rest during sleep.  Some people have no symptoms whatsoever, and others get to the point of discomfort or may develop cracked or broken teeth because of it.  Most people are completely unaware they are doing unless made known to them by a sleeping partner.  Symptoms which may indicate bruxism are grinded teeth causing sensitivity and fractures, flat tooth cusps, mobile teeth, ear and jaw aches, as well as; tenderness around the cheek area of the face. Treatment may involve wearing a mouth guard or splint during sleep to prevent the upper and lower sets of teeth from making contact.

Many bruxers are not aware of their problem. Bruxism can cause many problems. Bruxers may end up with badly damaged teeth or experience pains and headaches. In extreme cases, excessive clenching and grinding may cause the jaw to move out of alignment or even wear down the teeth to their stumps. They may also bring about other dental conditions like decays, fractures, tooth loss or sensitivity.

Treatment may involve wearing a mouth guard or splint during sleep to prevent the upper and lower sets of teeth from making contact.

What causes teeth grinding and clenching during sleep?

There are many causes;  stress-inducing causes include frustration, anger and lack of sleep. Grinding may also occur as the result of an abnormal bite, crooked or missing teeth. Substances linked to teeth grinding include prescription drugs, alcohol and coffee. Childhood bruxism may be traced to nutritional deficiencies, allergies and disorders.

The full upper mouth guard/splint is one of the most popular types of dental mouth guards used for bruxism therapy.


The procedure for getting a night guard or splint done at the dentist’s office is rather straightforward. It typically involves taking an impression of your teeth and bite registration with a special soft material so that the dentist can customise the mouth guard according to the specific measurements of your mouth. The device is then made in a professional laboratory based on your dentist’s instructions.


They are easy to clean, durable, comfortable as well as highly resistant to wear and tear. 

Advanced Gentle Dentistry in Tel Aviv

Do your teeth and jaws ache in the morning? Do you experience pain in your jaw joints? If so, you may be grinding and clenching your teeth during your sleep – and suffer from a sleep disorder known as Bruxism.

Dr Meytal’s clinic offers specialty night guards and splints that can effectively minimize the symptoms while correcting the problem.

Contact us at (03) 551-2510 for more information.

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