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Dental Implants - Tel Aviv Dentist - Dr. Meytal Salman


The dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is usually made of titanium which is very strong and readily accepted by human tissues. The implant is inserted into the jaw and then ideally left for around 3-6 months for the bone to fuse with the implant, creating a strong anchor for the replacement tooth. In some cases we may consider immediate loading of the implant at time of placement, this is more common when restoring full arches (All-On-4). After the bone has fused with the dental implant, the treatment is completed with a finely sculpted replacement tooth known as a crown that is screwed onto the implant by your dentist. The result is a very strong, durable and natural looking replacement tooth that functions and appears just like a real tooth.  Dental implants may also be used as parts of a bridge or dentures.

Losing teeth can also have a negative impact on your jawbone, as its primary purpose is to hold your teeth in place. When you lose teeth, your body thinks that you don’t need the bone in that area and that can lead to bone loss. There are several ways to replace single or multiple missing teeth, but dental implants have by far become the easiest and most cost-effective treatment we use to give you the ability to chew and smile again!

Taking care of your dental implants is easy

For the most part, you take care of them the same way you would take care of your natural teeth. It’s important to brush and floss the implant, crown or bridge, and to make regular appointments so that we can monitor the implants and make sure that they’re functioning properly.

While getting dental implants can be an investment, if you’re missing one or more teeth they can drastically improve your life and your oral health.

Our clinic is committed to working with you to establish payment options.

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