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Dental Vaneers are a way to coat the tooth material in cases where the patient is not satisfied with the shape, size, position or color of their teeth. Dental veneers can be a relatively conservative treatment, little if any tooth material/enamel is removed from the front surface of the tooth. In most cases, the removal of the tooth material is less than 1 mm and the entire back side of the tooth remains intact. That is why dental veneers are a more conservative approach to improve a smile than crowns . A single porcelain veneer can be used to treat a damaged, discolored or even broken tooth; As well as a number of teeth together to create your very own "Perfect Smile".

Porcelain Veneers treatment includes about three visits to complete the process:

The first one will be a consultation where we will discuss with you the issues you are having and the result you are trying to achieve. 

The second visit will be to prepare your tooth or teeth for the veneers. We will need to remove about 1/2mm of enamel from the tooth’s surface to compensate for the thickness of the veneer. Once the preparations are complete, we take a final impression/scan to send them to our lab to fabricate your veneers by hand. We will prepare great looking and functional temporary veneers and bond them in place; while we wait for the final product from the lab.

The third visit is when we apply your new veneers to your teeth. We take care to make sure you and the Doctor are pleased with the result before they are cemented. We take pride in our work and we use the best labs to create your beautiful smile.

It should be noted that there is a more economic option to “cover” up your teeth using composite resin. Composite veneers can be built up directly in your mouth, with the veneers able to be bonded and moulded to the front of your teeth often in a single dentist visit. Although veneers of composite material tend to be more economical than porcelain but they are less durable and may be in need of replacement more often.  Composite Veneers/Bondings are a great immediate affordable option to consider.

If you would like to check if you are a suitable candidate for Veneers

Please call 03-551-2510 to book a consultation

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