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Quality Dental Care in Israel

Israel's Dental Tourism

Why not mix dental work with your visit to the holy land? 

Often the savings will be so great, you will literally get a “free” family vacation out of it!

At Dr. Meytal’s clinic you get the benefit of enjoying a University of Toronto trained dentist at Israel dental prices. There’s a higher level of comfort when the dentist speaks and understands your language, as well as being able to clearly communicate with their staff.

Dental treatments in Israel are often far cheaper than in Canada and the United States. The key to success here is planning ahead. Extensive work can be carried out in a short period of time when the planning is right. Our staff will gladly guide you so your treatments are scheduled efficiently to maximize your vacation play time.

Dental work can include:

Patients benefit from the latest innovation in the dental industry thanks to the startup culture in Israel. Dr Meytal’s clinic is equipped with a CAD- CAM system to provide same day crowns. No need to wait weeks for work to return from the lab. So YES, it is possible to enjoy a world class vacation and have your teeth treated at the same time.

At the Dentist


Doctor Meytal Salman received her Degree in Dental Surgery from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Canada in 2006. She currently holds a license to practice dentistry in Israel & Canada. Practicing a wide scope of General Dentistry, with emphasis on Aesthetics, and extensive experience in full-arch Implant Rehabilitation.

Demonstrator at the Hadassah Hebrew University Prosthodontics Department in The Advanced Graduate Practice Program. Dr.Meytal Salman is fluent in both English and Hebrew languages, she is an excellent clinician with great dedication to high performance and efficiency.


Doctor Meytal Salman also holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology which comes in very handy in treating the common anxious/fearful patient. Perfectionism and professionalism combined with calm and a secure touch - characterize her way of treatment.

" Dr. Salman's approach emphasizes personalized care and direct communication. "

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Dr. Meytal's Clinic
Tel Aviv, Israel


Send us an email with as much information possible:

  • Dates of planned travel to Israel

  • Current X-rays/Pan/Tomography from within last year 

  • Treatment plans from local dentist for work needed

  • Any medical conditions/medications

  • Digital pictures are always helpful as well

Our staff will contact you back to schedule a phone or video call to answer any questions, explain your treatment plan and costs, and guide you right thru anything you may need while visiting us.

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